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Semi-automatic Baling And Wrapping Machine

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Silage baling machine is a stationary silage baling and wrapping machine. It has been proved by long-term use that its performance has reached the advanced level of other similar products. Which is animal husbandry machinery equipment.

Material packed in bales can save storage space, extend green stalk feeding time, and it will ferment naturally, produce probiotics, beneficial bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, protein, and natural fermentation, absorb easily after cattle and sheep and other livestock feed, growth rate increases 2%, thus greatly reduce the feed cost of transport, storage, reduce the labor intensity of workers. Brought real economic benefit to animal husbandry. It is the silage product of medium and large scale breeding plant.

Working process:

Silage baling machine is composed of two parts: baling and wrapping. When we start to use the all-in-one machine, we should first put the hemp rope on the baling machine, put the hemp rope into the clip pipe, and then put the film coil into the supporting shaft of the film carrier according to the specification.

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Manually feed the stationary bin through the conveyor belt front of the machine, when the large bale to fixed warehouse and activity warehouse come into contact with a certain compactness, activity storehouse signal of inert roller and the left side above the wheel will turn evenly, the operator pull the coil clutch handle, the machine began to pull strings. Round rope, hemp rope cut off automatically, immediately put the bundle, open bale fall into the rotation of the coated machine rack, directly by conveyor belt by hand to pull the film.

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Start rotating button, rotating frame driven in bale, the operator should be synchronized membrane pressure rapidly towards central bale, and turning with straw bale one week, immediately let go, silage PE film gradually step by step a parcel outside the bale, bale since the revolution, as the gantry when the envelope to set the number of layers (three layers), automatic clutch release, stopped spinning frame and the operator cut the grass membrane and press the broken end of the straw film into the overlapping end of the straw bale.

Then take the wrapped straw bales from the wrapping machine and put them in a neat way. The high size shall not exceed four bales, because too high and too heavy can easily press and deform the lower film, causing air to enter, thus causing deterioration and mold of the grass materials.


  1. No longer digging the silage pool.

  2. Long preservation time (natural preservation for up to 3 years).

  3. Low packaging cost.

  4. Save manpower (only 2-3 people work for complete equipment).
    Save space, convenient transportation of feed.

  5. Worry saving, simple operation of equipment.

  6. We can customize all kinds of special machines according to customer requirements.



Baling ability(bales/h)

Size of bales(mm)

Product density ((kg/m3)

Power (kw)

Weight (kg)









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