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Automatic Baling And Wrapping Machine

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The new silage baling machine is changed into the automatic silage baling machine on the basis of the original baling machine, saving 2-3 people’s labor compared with the original baling machine, and also increasing the production of baling machine.It has been proved by long-term use that its performance has reached the advanced level of other similar products. Which is the animal husbandry machinery equipment.

Material packed in bales can save storage space, extend green stalk feeding time, it will ferment naturally, produce probiotics, beneficial bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, protein, and natural fermentation, absorb easily after cattle and sheep and other livestock feed, growth rate increases 2%, thus greatly reduce the feed cost of transport, storage, reduce the labor intensity of workers. Brought real economic benefit to animal husbandry. It is the silage product of medium and large scale breeding plant.

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Product Application:

This silage packing machine is specially designed for wrapping of corn silage, straw silage, fresh and dry silage and so on. The silage bales can be wrapped by 2-6 layer plastic films according to your demand. Which can be stored for 1-3 years. It is a good helper for farmers.

Main Features:

1, Hydraulic control, power start.

2, Reasonable structure, reliable performance, flexible operation, high output.

3, Save space, low packing cost.

4, Only need 2-3 workers to operate the machine.

5, Long storage period(usually 2-3 years).

6, Automatic operation, easy to move.



Baling ability(bales/h)

Size of bales(mm)

Product density ((kg/m3)

Power (kw)

Weight (kg)









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