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Silage Harvester And Recycling Machine

Silage Harvester And Recycling Machine
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Silage harvester and recycling machine

Brief introduction of silage harvester machine

Silage harvester and recycling machine is useful for farmers. It can cut and crush grass at the same time, and farmers do not need to buy harvester and cutter machine separately, saving money and labor time. The crushed grass can be used to feed animal or directly drops into field in order to increase the nutrition of soil.


Technical parameter of silage harvester of silage harvester machine


Silage harvester and recycling machine


≥60HP tractor





Harvesting width




Recycling rate


Fling distance


Fling height


The length of crushed straw

Less than 80mm

Rotating blade


Cutter shaft speed(r/min)


Working speed




How to install silage harvester?

1. Operator should firstly connect straw recycling with tractor.

2. Adjust the horizontal and vertical levels of tractor and the stubble height. Please keep the same length towards the tractor's suspension rod on both sides.

3.The length of the pull rod and position of the ground wheel should be adjusted on the base of the humidity of soil.


Preoccupation of silage harvester machine

1. Excessive height of tractor from ground may cause the imbalance between universal joints.

2. The height of hydraulic lifting handle is as same as the height of grass

3. Lifting the upper rod can avoid the knife hitting soil.

4. If there is no straw thrown at the outlet, you should stop immediately and check if the fan is blocked.

5. Operator should elevate silage harvesting machine when turning

6. Tightness of the belt can affect the speed of the cutter shaft, the crushing effect as well as the wear of belt.

4. Working speed and rows are determined by the plant spacing and the tractor.


1. How to collect hydraulic device with tractor?

There are two ways to link hydraulic device according to the collecting ways of tractor as the following pictures.

The left one is vertical link and the right one is horizontal link

2. How many rotating blade inside machine?


3. What is the height of grass harvesting from ground?


4. What should do if the machine hits the soil?

Adjust upper rod on time.

5. Why there is no straw thrown from outlet?

The fan at the side of machine may be blocked.

6. Can the straw storage part be unloaded?

Yes, the crushed straw will directly drop to the field ,which can be considered as fertilizer to greatly increase the nutrition of soil.

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