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Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher Machine

Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher Machine
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Product Details

Brief introduction

Our chaff cutter and grain crusher machine is equipped with high quality and multiple functions, that is,500kg/h for crushing grains,1500kg/h for silage,700kg/h for dry straw. The raw material is diverse including wheat,corn,dry or wet straw,alfalfa etc.,and the final product can be used to feed animal.If you are a farmer,it is necessary to buy such a machine.

The option towards engine is various such as motor,gasoline engine or diesel engine. However,it is better to use gasoline or diesel engine if your country is lack of electricity.


Technical Parameter




3kw motor,gasoline engine or diesel engine


500kg/h for crushing grains,1500kg/h for silage,700kg/h for dry straw






1.cutting length is adjustable according to your need

2.It bears two function -cutting and crushing

3.Four wheel makes it convenient to move

Due to fine flour and deliberate pieces of grass, it is easy for animal to digest



1. It integrates cutting and smashing as a whole and can smash the straws such as corn stalks, wheat straw, sweet potato stalk, peanut stalk, into the small pieces at one time

2.The size of grass can be changed adjusting the size of screen inside the machine. It is an excellent machine and a necessary choice for rural farmers.


1. Before using, firstly check whether the links of each part are reliable, and whether there is collision in the rotating parts.

2. Regularly check whether the bolts and nuts are firm and tighten them immediately if loose.

3.The parts that need lubrication should always pay attention to. The lubricating oil in the gear box and main bearing are replaced regularly.

4. When adding lubricating oil, be sure to remove dust, debris, etc.

5. The moving and fixed knives should be kept sharp. If they are blunt, they should be replaced or sharpened in time.

6. Check whether the parts are worn or deformed.

7. At the end of the operation, the main engine should be idling for several minutes. Users should blow the dust and weeds inside the machine, and then cut off the power.



1.what kind of raw materials can be used for this machine?

The raw materials can be wheat,corn,dry or wet straw,alfalfa etc

2.where can we get it?

Our factory locates in Zhengzhou city,Henan province,China

3.what is the capacity of your chaff cutter and grain crusher machine?

We have many types chaff cutter machine and it is one of them,and we will introduce you proper one according to your need.


Company strength

Built in 2000, Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd is a well-known enterprise that integrates scientific research, development, design, manufacturing and sales as a whole. It is located in Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone,which is a commercial and economic center, mainly engaging in the import and export of mechanical equipment.

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