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8 Row Rice Transplanter

8 Row Rice Transplanter
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8-row rice transplanter

Brief introduction of 8 row rice transplanter

8 row rice transplanter, a useful machine to plant rice seedlings, needs 2 people during operation(one drives machine and another places the seedlings). 178F hand starts diesel engine powers machine with high working efficiency(0.5-0.75acres/H). Transplanting needles makes sure seedlings to be inserted into soil vertically,which increases the survival rate of them.


Technical parameter of 8 row rice transplanter



Diesel Engine Model

178F hand start

Diesel Engine Output(kW/HP)


Diesel Engine Rotating Speed(r/min)


Number of Transplanting Row


Row to Row Distance(mm)


Hill to Hill Distance(mm)


Transplanting Efficiency


Net Weight




Gross Weight


Packing Size


The advantage of 8 row rice transplanter

1. Stable performance. The machine can run steadily during operation

2. The high survival rate of seedlings. It can be inserted into a set height, greatly improving survival rate.

3.Easy to turn even in the muddy field with much water.

4.Flexible seeding height. It should be within 10-20cm

Structure of 8 row rice transplanter

It is mainly composed of the universal joint, universal joint square, transplant arm, planting needles, rear cover for chain box, delivery leather belt, V-belt, stylus pin, seeding backplate, and screw shaft etc.

Operating handles of the transplanter

There are 3 operating handles: the power clutch handle, the positioner clutch handle and the speed change handle.

How to maintain 8 row rice transplanter?

1). The walking transmission box

A. Open the positioner clutch cover and pour clean lubrication oil into the box.

B. Check the Height of the oil surface. It should reach the middle of the oil box.

C. Check the oil box every day during the operation period.

D. Change the lubricating oil before every seasonal operation.

How to adjust 8 row rice transplanter?

Adjustment of the transplanter must be done when the engine had stopped

(1).The appropriate tightness of the V-belt can be tested by pressing down the center of the belt and the distance is 1-2cm.

The tightness of the belt can be adjusted by changing the relative distance of the engine on the rack.

(2).The adjustment of the friction clutch.

Method of adjustment. Remove the V-belt hood, open the clutch pulley and cover. Loosen the bolt(M16X1 .5)and remove the clutch pulley. Reduce(when power cannot be transmitted)or increase(when power cannot be cut off) the number of adjusting shims until the clutch works dependably. Then reinstall the pulley and the V-belt hood.

(3).Adjustment of side clearance of the separating needle with the seeding gate

This side clearance should be 1.25mm on both sides. If it is less on either side, the adjustment should be made. During transplanting operation, this side clearance should be checked twice every day.

The preoccupation of 8 row rice transplanter

1. Before the operation, the operator must read the manual carefully

2. Be sure each part of the machine is in normal position(no loosened fastening parts, clearances all properly adjusted, engine and transmission box oiled and lubricated).

3. Put the power clutch handle in "Disengage "position.

5. During operation, do not touch the rotating parts, especially the transplanting working parts.

6. When stopping or turning machine, the clutch handle should firstly be put in "Disengage' position.

7 When the engine is running, do not stand in front of the machine to prevent accidents.


1. Are plant spacing and row spacing adjustable?

Plant spacing can be 120/140/160/190mm, and row spacing is 238mm

2.How about the working efficiency of this machine?


3. How many people are needed when working?

Two, one drives machine and another places the seedlings.

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