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Corn Sheller Machine

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The machine can do both peeling husk and shelling the kernels, so it saves much labor for farmers. There are 4 wheels under the machine which make it easy to move. It has small and portable volume for home use, so it has been welcomed by many small scales of farmers by many years.

Main structure of the machine

The SL-AB corn thresher machine includes a feed inlet, a hull outlet, a corn cob outlet, a corn thresher, and a corn seed outlet. The material of this machine is carbon steel, and the inner roller is cast iron. In addition, 4 medium-sized wheels are installed under the machine, which helps the machine to move freely. The tripod is used to store the engine on one side of the machine, which improves the stability of engine installation.

Technical parameters




2.2kw, 170F gasoline engine, diesel engine








1. The outer skin and corn cob of corn can be taken out separately, then you can get different parts of corn for different further use. Corn cobs can be ground into powder for animal feed, and chaff can also be ground for animal feed, or used as woven crafts, or pillow fillings.

2. The machine has fast screening speed, uniform screening, complete granulation and less impurities.

3. Four wheels are used to move the machine, which is more convenient. What's more, we accept customers' customization if you need special size wheels.

4. There are three types of engines to choose from, which can ensure that this machine can be used in remote areas without electricity.

5. Small size and high output efficiency. The volume of this machine does not exceed 1CBM, but it can process 1-1.5 tons of corn per hour.


1. What’s the material of this machine?

Carbon steel. Compared with ordinary steel, this material is not easy to rust. Carbon steel is much cheaper and lighter than stainless steel.

2. What’s the shelling rate?

More than 97%.

3. Which countries have you exported to?

Many. Such as the British, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc..

4. How long can I get the machine after payment?

We usually deliver within 5 days of receiving the payment. Delivery time by sea or other means of transportation will depend on the port of receipt.

5. What payment terms do you support?

Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Cash, etc..

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