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Peanut Groundnut Harvester Machine With Diesel Engine

Peanut Groundnut Harvester Machine With Diesel Engine
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Brief introduction

This peanut harvester machine matches with 20-35 hp tractor,and can effectively harvest peanuts in the fields. With high capacity,we have exported many groundnut harvesting machine to other countries such as Congo,Sudan,Nigeria,America etc. Machine has reasonable structure and is made of high quality steel,that is why it has long service life.



Groundnut harvester machine is composed of frame,transmission part, pick-off part, fan selection part, and a vibration device, ground wheel, digging blade, roller chain, collecting screen.


1.Vibrating screen can collect kernels and remove other impurities from them.

2.Under the force of tractor,machine is easy to move even in the field with much water.

3.Sharp blade of peanut harvester machine shovels soil at a certain angle to completely harvest peanuts

4. Roller rain can convey peanut to the back position and protect them from sinking into soil




20-35HP tractor



Harvesting width






Common troubleshooting and related methods

1) The body of machine is unstable. It may be caused by the inconsistent swing of the digging shovel on both sides of the harvester.In addition, the digging shovel may collides the hard object to case vibration.

Solution:adjust the swing degree of digging shovel

2) Peanuts after harvesting have much dirt and are not shaken off. The reason is that digging depth is so deep that swing strength is reduced.

Solution:adjust the length of central rod. Properly shorten the length of the central tie and keep it within 3-5 cm away from the ground

3) Lose many peanuts fruit. Peanut fruit falls in the ground and needs to be picked up by hand again. Therefore,it needs to be solved in time.

Reason:shovel is lifted too high

Solution: the length of the central tie rod can be extended.


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